Identity-Based Solutions

Our team of data scientists, programmers, and product development engineers have developed one of the best AI models in the industry for ID and identity-based products. 


In addition to developing great technology, we pack our solutions with more features than anyone on the planet. Read below and see for yourself.


Our Identity solution provides document authentications as well as data extraction utilizing our proprietary AICR (Artificial Intelligence Character Recognition) technology. With a single snapshot from any mobile device, we analyze and authenticate documents such as Driver's License, Passport, Residence Card, Voter ID, Tax ID, and Work or Student Visa.

This proprietary technology uses a complex AI engine to determine the document type,  its authenticity, and extract necessary field data. 

Instafido has a dedicated global forms team that constantly tests and updates over 4000 forms from around the globe. We currently process millions of forms each month from 160 countries. We lead the industry in global execution of forms and identity authentication.


Identity Plus

Identity Plus builds on our base Identity product by adding a human selfie utilizing our unique passive liveness biometric technology. Identity Plus compares a selfie to the photograph on a document to ensure they match.

Many vendors claim to have passive liveness, yet your customer still has to zoom the phone in and out to prove liveness. Instafido is totally frictionless with a snap-and-go technology. Unlike other vendors, we do not have to send the image up to a server to determine liveness. We do it in a split second right from your user’s phone.

In real-world applications, Instafido understands many people have very poor quality IDs. That is why we have built a 24 hour, around the globe, manual review process. Our team can review suspect documents in minutes not hours. Our SLA is the best in the industry, just ask our customers.


We provide Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) to companies requiring comprehensive identity verification without the need or ability for application integration.

Reducing risk, eliminating fraud, and creating a frictionless end-user experience are critical components of digital transformations. Managing identity at an enterprise level is costly and time-consuming, but with IDaaS, we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what really matters. 

With IDaaS,  you can do the following:

1. Determine user identity

2. Perform a liveness check

3. Comprehensive background checks

4. Reduce risk and fraud

5. Fast Implementation



 Effective KYC allows companies to assess customer risk and ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Laws. 

Instafido provides 3 options to perform due diligence and monitoring to mitigate third party risk in real time. Via API, batch upload or through our state of the art SaaS user interface.

Instafido’s AML/KYC solution is constantly gathering data from over 240 countries and territories including tens of thousands of news articles daily. KYC with Instafido includes a suite of options for screening and monitoring. Choose any of the following to meet your needs:

1. Global watch list & sanctions screening (WLS)

2. Negative media (NM)

3. Politically exposed persons (PEP) PLUS

4. Criminal arrest records, federal, state, county, city, etc.

5. Credit checks

6. Address verifications

7. SSN verification

8. Driver's license verification

9. View the full list


1. Something you know (a password)

2. Something you have (a mobile device)

3. Something you are (a biometric)

4. Typical 2-factor authentication systems require something you know and something you have, but lack the critical biometrics layer. 

5. Instafido provides a unique approach to MFA by adding a biometric layer to your current authentication process.


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