Customer Onboarding Journeys

Safeguard Against Risks Arising from False Identities

Cultivate effortless customer journeys by deploying a streamlined and consistent identity verification process across all channels. This spans from the initial stages of customer onboarding and user authentication to account transactions, customer support, and beyond. Not only does this approach minimize risk, but it also serves as a formidable deterrent against fraudulent activities, guaranteeing a seamlessly secure experience at every interaction point.

online identity verification service

Control the complete customer identity lifecycle efficiently with Instafido.

At every stage of the customer journey, there's potential vulnerability to fraudulent activities. Safeguard your customers at every turn by offering top-tier security measures alongside a seamless user experience, ensuring their safety without impeding their interactions.

customer verification process

Create Applicant Details Individual /Entity

Optimize onboarding with 'Create Applicant Details for KYC Individual/Entity.' Ensure regulatory compliance, prevent fraud, and enhance security by verifying customer identities in finance and other industries.

Verify - Aadhar/ PAN / GST/ TAN

Empower end users to digitally onboard effortlessly with Instafido, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Craft a smooth onboarding journey using a simple ID verification process—Aadhar, PAN, GST, TAN—ensuring authenticity and validity.

id verification service
kyc photo id verification

Verify Individuals using Video

Elevate your KYC process with precision by implementing video verification for individuals. Enhance security measures with the added layer of passive liveness detection, ensuring not only accurate identity verification but also actively preventing fraudulent attempts. This streamlined approach provides a comprehensive solution for robust and reliable KYC procedures.

Get details from Instafido Dashboard

Effortlessly manage and retrieve KYC details with the intuitive Instafido Dashboard. Gain comprehensive access to crucial data, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for informed decision-making and enhanced user control.

online identity verification service
customer verification process

Download Verified Report

Effortlessly obtain detailed insights into your customer's identity by downloading the Verified KYC Report from our website. This comprehensive report ensures access to thoroughly verified and authenticated information, empowering you with the data you need for informed decision-making and compliance. Simplify your KYC processes with our user-friendly download feature.

Industry Leading Technologies

Our technology is the building block for providing reliable biometric solutions to our customers. Unlike most identity-proofing technology vendors, we don't buy crucial technology components - we build our own. Learn more about our technology.

We’re more than an identity company.

In this global economy and the need for biometric based applications exploding, no one company can provide all the pieces to complex solutions. At Instafido, we exemplify the meaning of “partner”. We treat partners like family and want them to be partners for life. Our success demands great partnership with leading companies in their respected markets. We currently serve over 160 countries and would love to hear from you today. Contact us today to learn how partnering with Instafido will help grow both our businesses.

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