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Elevate identity verification with advanced Technology

Ensure Compliance, Mitigate Risk, and Enhance Convenience.

Effortlessly Verify Customers with a Selfie, Document Capture, and Instant Background Check, All Within Seconds

Incorporate Advanced Identity Verification into Your Applications Swiftly, Utilizing Our Mobile and Web SDKs, APIs, or Identity as a Service.

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Like all great technologies,
Instafido Solutions are Invisible By Design

In the realm of digital identity verification and payments, we're committed to ensuring users achieve their objectives effortlessly. Instafido Verification technology offers solutions designed for a seamless and unobtrusive user experience, maximizing efficiency while minimizing effort.


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Real-time verification of Customer


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Instafido Proving Liveness

Instafido's Passive Liveness Detection operates on three distinct layers to validate proof of liveness:

Human Verification: Ensures the individual is a live human, differentiating from statues, masks, or virtual representations.

Real-Time Authentication: Confirms real-time interaction, preventing the use of photos, videos, deepfakes, or replay attacks.

Identity Confirmation: Validates the individual's claimed identity, ensuring the right person is accessing the intended information, account, or service.

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Document Realness

Instafido Checking Document Realness

Instafido's Document Realness Detection operates on three distinct layers to confirm document authenticity and integrity:

Physical Document Verification: Authenticates the physical presence of the ID document.

Text Integrity Verification: Ensures the text on the ID document hasn't been manipulated, replaced, or tampered with.

Photo Integrity Verification: Validates that the face region on the ID document hasn't been altered, replaced, or tampered with.

Do more than just verify identity

Most identity proofing methods are static and manual processes that don't take into account areas of growth for an organization. Don't just stop at eliminating fraudulent identities... enhance user experience and evolve beyond typical "identity proofing".


Eliminate Fraud

Authenticate identities and pinpoint potential threats using industry-leading features, such as deduplication.

Enhance User Experience

Effortlessly onboard your users and swiftly guide them through the entire lifecycle with absolute confidence and ease.

Evolve Identity Proofing

Embrace a complete identity lifecycle solution designed to anticipate and support your business's future growth.

Identity that Fits Your Business

Choose the options that's right for your business needs, whether it's the full identity lifecycle management or out-of-the-box identity proofing.


Customer Lifecycle Identity Management

Employee Lifecycle Identity Management

Entity Onboarding Identity Management

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We're a truly global company, exclusively available in India.

From our humble beginnings, we've worked diligently to establish ourselves as a leading identity software provider, with a focus on India. We understand that the more diverse data we integrate into our AI systems, the more effective they become.


This approach aligns with our mission to democratize identity solutions, ensuring accessibility not only for developed nations but also for the developing world. By making identity solutions accessible to all, we take a significant stride towards enabling financial inclusion, fostering growth, and propelling technological advancement across the globe.

Industry-Leading Technology

We're recognized by Gartner, Forrester, and others as a leader in the identity proofing space. Our technology is core to who we are and we pride ourselves as a true technology shop that brings the best technology to our customers. 

Certified Security and Compliance

We're up to date on all of the latest biometric and security certifications, ensuring our products not only function to the highest standards, but comply with the most stringent regulations.

About Instafido

Instafido, we're committed to empowering online businesses of all sizes, whether global financial leaders or small eCommerce startups, by simplifying fraud management. Our dedication lies in helping you cut costs, save time, and overcome the hurdles linked to fraud. This enables you to focus on what truly matters—nurturing and expanding your company.

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